In a strange minded

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 8 pengkoment...
Do you know another side of yourself? If there is someone who is asking it to us, maybe we'll answer with a yes, no, or less known. That is a normal response from everyone. The other side of ourselves we can not know, if someone else tells us or we find out yourself. We unknowingly, in their daily activities and we will have created something of ourselves that we do not know and realize.

We will act funny at certain moments, without we realize and we will be noticed by others. If we knew that we cared for, then we will stop our activities and the strange things we do not fully appear. However, if we do it with anyone else see it but we did not realize it, the craziest things that will emerge from ourselves. Maybe the person will be very surprised to see us. Or he will record the activities that we do as proof of madness. If madness is positive, then it would not be a problem for us. But if insanity is negative, this is very dangerous for ourselves and could be a boomerang that destroy us rapidly or slowly. So avoid the strange madness that is negative.

This paper is also written in an atmosphere of madness, why? Because the frenzy that will appear the moment we are thinking of weird and crazy thoughts will occur. Initial idea may change the final section. As of this writing, initially created with a concept I called the other hand, appears to be madness in thinking. The idea of writing began to appear strange things with the increase of words in this paper. Maybe this guy going crazy thinking about this when he realized he was not aware of or with. The contents of his writing was very understandable and did not have a meaning that can be easily understood. The answer from him is that the strangeness of my madness. It's weird, crazy anymore. Anyway, I do not want to extend this work that has begun to fall apart from his thoughts. Since I had gone mad made his thinking with this strange readings. (google translate, no editing)