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Saturday, December 12, 2009
I came back from my world after such a long period of emptiness in the world of blogging. Well ... I guess I should be able to stay and commitment in the world of blogging. Background of why this is happening is the daily busyness to make yourself not have time to do anything else, including to create posts and for the time being only as a reader only.

Though many events that need to be highlighted and what happened in this neighborhood for several months now, both in his own experience and the world around me, like my experience in the search for self in the world of work, environmental scenery capital should I pass every day , the problems discussed in another warm country such as corruption issues involving the police and the Commission, issue Prita mother had to pay fines of more than two hundred million and invite the public sympathy for providing assistance and support by collecting coins is called the coin the term justice (koin keadilan), anti-corruption day after the world was held on December 9, 2009 yesterday, and many more. I've forgotten and can not remember anymore.

Several times I wanted to make a post, but again my brain is not going well and not be at the right time. Now I am again trying to make a writing and this was it. I thought, I must make some writings and opinions in this December which is the last month in the year 2009.

I've made some planning ahead of him to do. What is in this blog is the result of the author's opinions and thoughts and what he had seen him and need to be written, although it was not important to others. And this is my writing style. And I hope I can live it well.

I think that first, a thought of this myself after a while vacuum.

I pull it, because today I had to attend two events, graduation friends and a Christmas events.

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  • kalo lagi jenuh, coba posting topik2 yang "sepele" pra.
    misal chattingan yang lucu2, ato kejadian janggal di kantor dsb. ntar jadi terangsang sendiri untuk nge-blog terus :-)

  • san

    Buat pengalaman kerja kalee jon, mungkin asyik tuch,,,,

  • remaja muda

    blog spongebob

  • gambang semarang

    Salamkenal dari blogger semarang, ayo di update lagi bang, tulisan terakhirku: 20+1 Yang Unik Dari Semarang

  • Jontri Pakpahan

    thanks buat masukannya. :D
    segera dilaksanakan.....

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